Isn’t it phenomenal to be able to carry your minicomputer far and wide which is similar to your headset? Well, this is a taste of things to come. There were a lot of advancements in the AR/VR fields but the Microsoft came along with the HoloLens and ignited up the space.

Let’s delve into what HoloLens is all about!

HoloLens is the first head-mounted display — a computer display which can be worn over your head — developed by Microsoft. It is a pair of mixed reality smart-glasses which runs the Windows Mixed Reality platform under the Windows 10 operating system.

The technology Mixed Reality (MR), an extension of augmented reality (AR), is based on the reality surrounding us. And like AR, virtual objects appear on the display screen.

HoloLens is basically a virtual computer which is operated using eyeball tracking, hand gestures and sound commands and the virtual environment created by the lens is visible only to its wearers. It is a 2.3-megapixel widescreen head-mounted display which has a wide field of view. Unlike heavy devices which is to be worn over the head, this is portable making it comfortable for use.

This marvelous piece of technology has augmented the experience of playing games, Facetime and do a lot more.

HoloLens can also be connected to a PC via an USB cable (provided with the lens) to browse photos, videos and other media on the connected device. For this, HoloLens utilizes the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP).

Recently, a new version HoloLens 2 with advanced features was released, available for purchase for in the US through Microsoft’s online store.

How is it utilitarian and accommodating?

HoloLens has countless potential applications. Here are some of the possible areas in which HoloLens can be used:

1. Education:

Integrating education with technology has always been a way to a make learning a more fun and intuitive process. Mixed-glasses, when worn by students, are likely to help kids improve their cognitive and observational skills. These glasses can provide a visual input for students which may make the learning of hard-to-imagine and abstract concepts easier consequently making teaching a more productive and easier job.

2. Designing:

As HoloLens enables 3D design in a highly realistic environment, it results in the development of models that resemble the final product as closely as possible. Designs can be easily modelled and prototyped, enabling them to be easily understood, implemented and deployed.

HoloLens also helps designers to collaborate on product designs and share ideas remotely.

3. Construction:

HoloLens allows workers to see their models overlaid on the physical environment, which improves collaboration and project coordination.

4. Medical Field:

Users can go through the model and see different structures in 3D using the Hololens.

5. Sports Analytics:

HoloLens can be used as a replacement for simulators in Formula 1, cricket, and other sports.

Some alternatives to HoloLens include GoogleGlass, Sony’s smart eyeglasses, Vuzix M300 and Iristick Z1. In terms of quality, cost and features, HoloLens tops the list of head-mounted displays due to its advanced features and it offers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience.

HoloLens is a great piece of user-friendly technology. HoloLens looks incredibly exciting and it is going to prove very useful in so many scenarios in the coming years! What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Daksh- Build things that matter.

The Official Techno-Management fest of SASTRA Deemed University.

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